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// pkg.h
// This file is part of the package paco
// Copyright (C) 2004-2009 David Rosal
// For more information visit http://paco.sourceforge.net

#ifndef PACO_PKG_H
#define PACO_PKG_H

#include "paco/basepkg.h"
#include "pkgset.h"

namespace Paco {

class Options;

class Pkg : public BasePkg

      Pkg(std::string const&);
      virtual ~Pkg();

      void unlog() const;
      void printInfo() const;
      bool update() const;
      long countShared(PkgSet& all);
      void printConfOpts(bool printPkgName) const;
      void remove(Options&);
      void upgradeLog() const;

      static std::string getBase(std::string const&);
      static std::string getVersion(std::string const&);

      class Lister
            Lister(Options&, PkgSet&);
            Pkg* operator()(Pkg*);

            Options&    mOpt;
            PkgSet&     mSet;
            PkgSet            mAllPkgs;
            int         mSizeInstWidth;
            int         mSizeMissWidth;
            int         mFilesInstWidth;
            int         mFilesMissWidth;
            int         mFilesSharedWidth;

            void printFilesInst(long n) const;
            void printFilesMiss(long n) const;
            void printFilesShared(long n) const;
            void printDate(int time) const;
            int getSizeInstWidth();
            int getSizeMissWidth();
            int getFilesInstWidth();
            int getFilesMissWidth();
            template <typename T> void printSizeInst(T size) const;
            template <typename T> void printSizeMiss(T size) const;

      };    // class Pkg::Lister

      class FileLister

            FileLister(Options&, PkgSet&);

            Pkg* operator()(Pkg*);


            Options&          mOpt;
            PkgSet&           mSet;
            int               mSizeWidth;
            bool              mPrintTotal;
            float                   mTotalSize;
            PkgSet                  mAllPkgs;
            unsigned          mPkgCnt;
            unsigned long     mFileCnt;

            void listFiles(Pkg*);
            void printFile(File*);
            void listSharedFiles(Pkg*);
            void listNonSharedFiles(Pkg*);
            int getSizeWidth();

      };    // class Pkg::FileLister

};          // class Pkg

}           // namespace Paco

#endif  // PACO_PKG_H

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