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// log.h
// This file is part of the package paco
// Copyright (C) 2004-2009 David Rosal
// For more information visit http://paco.sourceforge.net

#ifndef PACO_LOG_H
#define PACO_LOG_H

#include "options.h"
#include "pkgset.h"
#include <iosfwd>
#include <set>

namespace Paco {

class Info;

class Log

      static void run(Options const&);


      Log(Options const&);

      Log& operator=(Log&);

      // Private member data
      Options const&                mOpt;
      bool                          mAppend;
      std::string                   mPkgName;
      std::string                   mTmpFile;
      std::set<std::string>   mFiles;
      static int const EXIT_FAILURE_EXTERNAL = 2;
      void getFilesFromCommand();
      void getFilesFromStream(std::istream&);
      void writeFilesToPkg();
      void writeFilesToStream(std::ostream&);
      void removeAlreadyLoggedFiles();
      void filterFiles();
      void writeFilesToLog(std::string const&);
      void getTmpFile();

      class Excluder
            Excluder(Log const&);
            bool operator()(std::string const& path);


            std::string const&      mInclude;
            std::string const&      mExclude;
            bool                    mLogMissing;
            bool                    mIgnoreShared;
            PkgSet                        mPkgSet;

            bool isShared(std::string const&);

      friend class Excluder;
      friend class Info;

};    // class Log

}     // namespace Paco

#endif  // PACO_LOG_H

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